Managed Cloud Services

What are Cloud Services?

A Cloud Service is any service made available to users/businesses on demand via the Internet from cloud servers as opposed to being provided from a company’s own on-site servers. Traditionally businesses would have their own servers, install their own software and applications, and manage their own hardware and software for their businesses on site. Managed Cloud Service provides exactly that (and much more) but with the servers, software, and applications being hosted remotely on a cloud and managed by a provider, accessible at anytime from anywhere though the Internet. This greatly reduces cost for businesses to maintain their own servers and applications. Below we discuss many benefits of migrating to cloud for your business.

Benefits of Our Cloud Services

Cost Effective Solution

Our clients no longer must purchase modern equipment and build their own data servers or data center – they no longer need to purchase and manager their hardware, software, utilities, and tools to maintain their IT infrastructure. These resources are now provided by our cloud services and you can focus on your business and productivity without having to worry about a hardware breakdown or security vulnerabilities, or software upgrades and updates.

24/7 Availability

Our cloud servers are extremely reliable and always available to provide service – if you are connected to the internet you can use your applications and resources to conduct your business anytime from anywhere.

Improved Mobility

Data and Applications are available to your employees 24/7 from anywhere if they have the Internet connection through computer or mobile devices. Some business require that we set up employee access to certain resources at certain times, and we can do that for you. However, your resources are available to you whenever and however you wish to have them.

Up-to date Software

With SaaS, all your applications and software are up-to-date with latest versions and revisions. Traditionally businesses would purchase a software and then they must purchase upgrades every few months. We can set up our customers cloud such that upgrades are automatic, and your business and employees have software and application enhancements immediately. Remember our goal is to ensure we provide you with Cloud Service to maximize your productivity.

Dynamic and Scalability

Our Cloud Service is always available to you. Some of our clients are seasonal. Hence, they can adjust their resources as they wish. If you think you will need more resource, then resources can be increased almost instantly. If you wish to reduce resources, then we can do that for you almost instantly. it’s easy to scale up or down based on your business needs.

Data Security

Cloud is our business. Hence, we ensure our platform is equipped with modern and latest security tools to secure data. In addition, your computer hard drive may crash but because your data is stored in the cloud, you have access to it no matter what happens to your computer.

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Hosting system and storing files on the cloud provides a smart safeguard in case of an emergency. Man-made and natural disasters can damage equipment and incapacitate critical IT functions therefore Cloud Backup and Recovery is one of the most important benefits of Cloud Services.


Both hardware and software level redundancy protect you from loss of data. In the event of failure, a backup server is already in place to take over and most of the time you do not even realize there was an incident. The cloud’s hyper-converged design guards against everything from hard disk failure to an entire server failure, enabling mission-critical applications to be available all the time.

Flexible Working Environment

Cloud computing provides greater flexibility in how employees work. As it is internet based, staff can access files both in and out of the workplace, enabling them to work remotely or in the office. Many companies are using this to give employees more flexible working conditions and to cut down on the amount of office space they need. Staff can access the company’s system using web-enabled devices such as smartphones and laptops and can collaborate in real-time with others by sharing synchronized files and using online conferencing.

Do you have any questions or need clarification about our Cloud Services? We are excited to talk to you about our cloud services and what we can do for your business. Fill out this simple form and our account executive will get in touch with you to set up time and date to discuss more.

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